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We will gladly supply you with a written unofficial appraisal/information of your wicker items. The appraisal/information will be our opinion and provide the description of the item, the approximate date of manufacture, and our estimate of what it would cost to replace the piece in most markets.

  • To avail yourself of an appraisal/information, please send pics of all sides including underside of the piece, without cushions, via email or USPS, with measurements and a description of any damage whatsoever.

  • The cost is $50.00 for the first item and $10.00 for each additional item.

  • A matched set is considered one item and costs $50.00 and you will be provided with a dollar amount indicating the value of the set, not of the individual items. A matched set is a grouping of items that were made by the same maker or company, at the same time and have the same style. For example, a Bar Harbor reed sofa, chair and rocker can be a set. A dining table and 4 chairs might be another set. A group of items that were acquired over a number of years, even if Aunt Sally has had them for 50 years, may not be a matched set. If you have a question, send me a photo and I will tell you if you have a matched set or not.

  • Indicate method of payment: PayPal, Credit Card (call with credit card info), personal check or money order. We can also invoice you via PayPal and you can pay safely with a credit card whether you have a PayPal account or not. If you choose to make payment via PayPal, please direct the payment to the following email address: Thank you.

  • After payment has been received and cleared, the written appraisal/information will be sent via email or USPS. It will contain a description of your item and what I would expect your item, as pictured, to sell for on the retail and wholesale markets.

Any questions, please call or email. Click here for Contact Info!