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Have one or more pieces of antique wicker that you would like to sell?

We are always looking for good pieces that will fit our inventory's needs. Here's what to do:

  • IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Take one overall photo of what you have to sell. Send this to us indicating that you would like to sell it/them. We will tell you if we are interested. If we are interested, then you can follow the steps listed below.

  • Take pics of your antique wicker pieces. If it is not antique wicker, we are not interested. We really do need to see each side and underneath the seats (turn it upside down and shoot a pic of the bottom of the seat). We also need a pic of any damage whatsoever and at least one good closeup of the weave so that we can determine the paint condition. Please remove all cushions so that we can see the wicker, frame and seat support. One overall shot of the pieces with cushions is enough of the cushion shots.

  • Please provide measurements: width from outside arm to outside arm or magazine basket, floor to top of back, inside seat width and depth. Tables: length, width and height.

  • Hard copy pics will work, but digital prints are better. Send the pics to us by USPS or email. If sending by email, send no more than 6 in an email. More than 6 pics, send more than 1 email. Important: please use your photo editing software to reduce the size of the pics. Most pics come out of your camera in a size that exceeds 1 meg. Put a number of them on my mail server and it will probably shut down. You can also send a CD with pics of the wicker.

  • Give us a price that you want for the wicker. Please be realistic. We buy for resale, so we can't pay more than you paid for it in a high end antique shop a dozen years ago when the market was hot.

  • Tell us in the email that you are interested in selling the wicker pictured. We get pics for many different reasons, so it helps to know why we are receving yours.

  • Don't have a camera or can't get them uploaded to email? Go to WalMart or Walgreens and buy a throwaway camera. Take lots of shots. Get it processed and send us the pics or send us the whole camera. We will get it processed. Please note that we will not return hard copy pics or CD's.

We buy from all over the country and will arrange shipping if necessary. We pay for shipping of the items that we buy from you. Also, please indicate where the wicker is located, so that we can factor shipping costs in to our total plan.

Any questions, please call or email. Click here for Contact Info!