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We are working hard to provide the best services at the most economical prices. We do ship to anywhere in the continental US. Options for you to consider are:

  • PRIVATE SHIPPER - We utilize the services of a few select private shippers who will carefully blanket wrap and deliver your wicker to your door. Generally we can ship quickly with the private shippers. However, they are looking to make more cost effective consolidated runs on a regular basis, monthly or less if possible. Again, a larger shipment is more economical (per piece) than a small one. We like using this option with shippers who have a good track record with us, and will continue to recommend this option for your shipment.

  • HOMEDIRECTUSA is a service that specializes in shipping antiques from anywhere to anywhere across the country. Once a contract is in place, an agent local to us, blanket wraps the wicker and takes the pieces to their warehouse. There they are packaged for shipping and loaded on to HOMEDIRECTUSA trucks. The shipment then goes to a central location and is shipped to an agent local to you. That agent then contacts you to arrange delivery. The entire process takes 4-6 weeks.

  • GREYHOUND PACKAGE EXPRESS is still the most economical way to ship most wicker pieces. Small tables, single chairs and rockers, and loveseats lend themselves to GPX. Shipping is to a Greyhound (or affiliate) terminal near you. You then have to pick up the package at the terminal. Many terminals are reducing hours and many smaller ones have closed. Also Greyhound appears to be running smaller buses with smaller storage compartments, meaning that only smaller packages can be accommodated. We will continue to utilize GPX services whenever it is practical, but only with proactive communication with Greyhound and with you to ensure a smooth and trouble-free shipping experience.

  • USHIP at USHIP.COM provides another option for shipping. This internet based service allows us (or anyone) to post the details of a shipment. That info is then available to thousands of shippers who have registered to view such info. Those shippers (large or small, corporate or individual) who are interested can then offer a bid for the shipment. There are many factors to consider, but generally shipments to and from active, busy areas get the most and best bids. If the shipment has a flexible time schedule, it will often have better offers. Also, generally, larger orders are more economical than smaller ones. Usually the shippers who bid can provide blanket wrapping, special care, and delivery to your door. The fees here are continually climbing, but are usually less than the shipping companies that require that the piece be crated. We are increasing our utilization of this shipping option.

We pack your wicker carefully and thoroughly before it is shipped. We wrap in bubble wrap, plastic wrap and shipping paper, utilizing styrofoam or peanuts, and usually box or clad the piece in cardboard. You will be satisfied with our packing.

Once your wicker leaves us we track it and keep you advised of its progress. We pay attention to detail throughout the entire process.

Any questions, please call or email. Click here for Contact Info!