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Wayne and Kathie - Antique Wicker Chair Kathie

The chair didn't rightfully belong to me having been left specifically to my brother when my mother died in July of 2004. However, being in such a state of disrepair he decided to take a different item and I agreed to take the chair as part of my inheritance. Once belonging to my paternal grandparents it had been kept in good shape until the arrival of "Kitty" who promptly claimed it as her personal scratching post and, thus, the need for restoration.

My internet search found me at Cathryn Peter's (Wicker Woman's) website and a link to a Florida wicker restorer (That Wicker Guy!) less than two hours from my home in Bradenton, Florida. Via email I sent photos for a repair estimate and ended up taking the chair to Trinity in November. There I met Wayne who had a garage full of wicker in various stages of restoration. In January of 2005 I was able to pick up the beautifully restored piece and gratefully took it home.

In August of that year my sister Susan was visiting and said "If you ever talk to that guy who restored the chair, please let him know how much it means to all the family that he was able to "heal" the chair". So, on a sunny Sunday I sent Wayne an email letting him know just that. I also mentioned that I had seen some wicker pieces while antiquing in the Bradenton area.


I was delightfully surprised to get an email from Kathie and my ears perked up at the mention of antique wicker in the Bradenton area. So, I suggested we meet for a cup of coffee in Bradenton and perhaps visit a couple of the local shops. Mind you this was not a request for a date, as I was perfectly content having been single for the past 15 or so years.


That's right. I had divorced over a year ago and was quite content with being single as well! But meet we did for coffee at Cracker Barrel and a short, hot (it was August in Florida!) round of antiquing. I should have known when they seated us at the very same table later for lunch that something was going to happen.


Suffice it to say that one thing led to another and we ended up getting married on March 3, 2007, surrounded by family and close friends.

Kathie and Wayne

There was much synchronicity involved with our getting together and we are now sharing a wonderful work and personal life. Here's a photo of us and the chair that brought us together.