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Faux Finish for Antique American Wicker Furniture!  The demand for antique wicker furniture in natural finish has increased dramatically, and, of course, the supply continues to shrink. In order to meet the demand for usable and affordable pieces that resemble natural, we have developed faux finishes that have been well accepted by collectors and decorators. The faux finish can be applied over previously painted surfaces and over surfaces that are in less than ideal condition.

American Antique Wicker Faux Finish Dark Following are photos showing pieces that have been faux finished. In the first photo, the chair on the left has the dark faux finish and is covering a surface that previously was white. For comparison, the floor lamp base to its right is a natural original finish on reed. The chair to its right is a fiber chair in natural finish that has been restained and top coated. The table to its right is fiber in its original natural finish. Hard to tell them apart isn't it?

The table lamp in the second photo is an example of our lighter faux finish. Check out other views of this piece online in the inventory (No. 11066).American Antique Wicker Faux Finish Dark