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  • "SOFT ECONOMY" CLOUD HAS SILVER LINING! While the soft economy has affected all of us, there have been a couple beneficial results. First, the economic climate has caused the pricing of our Antique Wicker to be reduced considerably from the level that it was in the past. Secondly, tight times drive good merchandise to the market. We have been able to acquire many excellent and rare pieces that otherwise would not have been offered to us. Check our website to view some of these gems.

  • SHIPPING OPTIONS CONTINUE TO IMPROVE! We have been working with several professional shippers with reasonable rates providing excellent service to the I-95 corridor, I-75 corridor, the mid-west and the southern route through Texas to California. Also, Greyhound has improved its "Package Express" service which is a cost effective way to ship smaller pieces.

    Every item picked up by our shippers is blanket wrapped and delivered carefully to your home. Customers as well as the shipper are sent an email with detailed information. The shipper then contacts the buyer to coordinate delivery. Feedback from our customers has been very good.

    If you are considering buying an item, we can "guesstimate" the shipping cost based on prior jobs but will get an actual cost in advance of your purchase decision. Call us to discuss what options are available to meet your shipping needs.

  • WORKING WITH THE BUSINESS OWNER! One of the rewards we get as business owners is the positive feedback from our clients. Our goal is to have clients who are pleased with their purchase by ensuring they receive top notch Antique American Wicker that has been professionally restored and painted to their specifications.

    As a buyer you get the opportunity to talk directly with the business owner, not a salesperson simply looking to make a sale. While some buyers have already decided on their selection(s) when they call, most are looking for some advice along the way. We enjoy working with people during their decision making process. We want to know about your specific project whether it's outfitting a small porch or filling a 20' x 20' portico. We know our merchandise and can tell you about it's material, sturdiness, features, and fit for your specific use. We can assist with the size and number of items, suggest accessories, and even provide professionally made cushions for your purchase. And, you're not limited to a "9 to 5" business model! We're only a phone call or email away.

    Do take advantage of the vast knowledge acquired over many years of antique wicker restoration and sales. You'll be glad you did!

  • REMEMBER, REED WICKER can be used and enjoyed on a covered patio or lanai or on a three-season porch. It should not be exposed to heavy or repeated rain showers. However, if a light amount of rain gets blown in, it can be wiped dry with no damage. If your upholstery is not designed by outdoor use, it should be protected from the weather. Fiber wicker is more susceptible to damage from moisture and humidity, so should be chosen for only well protected outdoor use. Remember, Antique Wicker has been used on covered porches for over a century now, some of it continuously!

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