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Antique American Wicker We at That Wicker Guy are determined to bring you the best quality Antique Wicker and Antique Rustic Furniture as found in the Adirondack Great Camps on the market today! Whether furnishing a Mountain Retreat, a Beach House or an Urban Condo, we have antique wicker and antique rustic furniture ranging from Country to Sophisticated to meet your specific needs. Wayne and Kathie are anxious to work with collectors, designers and decorators. Check out the website and give us a call. If you love antique wicker or great camp furniture as much as we do, we need to talk!


We focus our efforts on American made substantial usable wicker from the 1880's to the 1940's with a few outstanding exceptions. We specialize in Bar Harbor, Victorian Rolled Arm and Deco era pieces. And now with our New England presence, we are offering a few exceptional Great Camp Rustic and Twig furniture pieces and other rustic, camp accessories. If we don't have it, we will utilize our extensive network of trusted dealers and other sources and obtain it for you!

>>>>> That Wicker Guy, now a proud member of the Vermont Antique Dealers Association (VADA), can be found in Vermont in the Summer and Florida in the Winter. Have a question about buying, selling or restoring American Antique Wicker or Adirondack Great Camp Rustic Furniture? Give us a call! <<<<<

"I was sitting in my living room this morning admiring the wingback wicker chair you so beautifully restored. Everyone in my family who has seen it is amazed at how wonderful it looks. I had a cushion made for the seat so it is comfortable and functional. If I had a digital camera, I'd shoot a photo and send it to you." Katherine - Florida

Our restoration is professionally and painstakingly accomplished. We specialize in the repair and restoration of Antique American and Adirondack Great Camp Rustic Furniture. We do not work on contemporary non-American pieces. There are no shortcuts here. We are experienced in reweaving to match the original size, shape and pattern of the woven material. Further we specialize in repairing structural damage, such as broken legs, arms, and breaks to the post that attaches the arm to the seat frame. If Grandma's rocker, or any other cherished family heirloom, is damaged, give us a call to restore it back to its original glory!

How can we help you with your antique wicker and Adirondack rustic furniture needs? We are happy to work with you in developing your decorating plans. Have a question? Give us a call!

"Here are some pictures of our now finished house on Little Cayman Island, with the fabulous wicker provided by That Wicker Guy! It looks like it belongs there and is gorgeous. Many thanks again for all of your help." Joy and Enno - Little Cayman Island
"Yesterday afternoon I finally unwrapped the wicker. In the process, I was quite impressed with your packaging job. ... Everything came through in perfect shape. The design, sizes, and shapes of the three pieces are perfect. ... I was and am very happy doing business with you, and your merchandise is excellent. Thanks, Suzy" - California
"I recommend Wayne and That Wicker Guy with the greatest enthusiasm. They are the best of the miracles that the internet has brought to me."

I have an old house on Long Island and was looking for old/antique wicker to furnish a covered porch. ... His web site ... is terrific and his prices eminently fair. I became so enthused, that I wound up ordering a few thousand dollars of furniture over a several week period, sight unseen. I must admit that, at the time, I did worry slightly, in the back of my mind, but Wayne's responsive communications and friendly tone were always reassuring. I need not have worried. Wayne's business partner drove all the pieces up to Long Island. It was all better than described and photographed on the web site, and designer friends of mine have been stunned by the quality of what I purchased. Wayne has also undertaken a search for me, and last year found a fabulous wicker tete a tete, which he wonderfully restored, painted and shipped to me. My only disappointment is that the porch is now filled with wicker, limiting what I can buy from Wayne. A designer friend who placed the furniture has asked to have the porch photographed for his portfolio. It really should, however, be in Wayne's portfolio.

In short, you couldn't be dealing with more reliable people. The quality of their furniture is absolutely first rate." Bruce - New York

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